How to Get Free V-Bucks in Fortnite

The virtual currency of Fortnite Battle Royale are the PaVos or the V-Bucks. With them you can buy in the store Fortnite the different cosmetic items for your avatar: dances, greetings, collection tools. The V-Bucks also serve to advance quickly in the history of Fortnite.

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How to Get FREE V-Bucks at Fortnite

How to Get FREE V-Bucks at Fortnite

Do you want to get totally legal free V-Bucks? We have several safe methods to get a good amount of V-Bucks. If you wish, you can collect the V-Bucks you have won and then purchase the skins or a cosmetic item from the store Fortnite. As you go late in the season of Fortnite you will get different prizes including the V-Bucks.

You must bear in mind that temporary missions cannot be missed if you want to obtain their rewards, since they are events that appear only once a day. Keep reading to find out about the different methods to win prizes in Fortnite:

Win on the battlefield

By ranking in the first places in the challenges of the island you will get much more experience to participate in the events of the Battle Pass, which awards the amount of one hundred V-Bucks, which can increase over the course of history and make you with a unique prize of one thousand V-Bucks.

Ranking first has its advantages, since you can win a wide variety of chests or boxes, where you can not miss the free V-Bucks to be exchanged in the online store of Fortnite.

Participate in the different missions or events

When you participate in the battle of Fortnite Battle Royale you will find several missions or secondary events, which have a great variety of prizes including the V-Bucks; And, in a single battle, you can achieve up to one hundred and fifty V-Bucks.

Do not stop participating in the missions you get, since by completing them you will be able to climb steps in the position table of Fortnite. In story mode, you will also earn V-Bucks for free at the end of the Storm Shield Defense mission.

Save the World Mode

In this mode called "Save the World" you can win quite a few prizes just by logging into the game daily. By connecting eleven days in a row you will already be earning PaVos.

With the missions in Save the World mode you can earn up to fifty V-Bucks per day. When you manage to unlock the Storm Shield map, which brings with it ten missions, in each mission that you manage to overcome you will win 100 V-Bucks; and upon completing the tenth mission you will be assigned one hundred and fifty V-Bucks.