How to Give 200 in Fortnite

Do you want to become a true expert in Fortnite in all close and medium range engagements? You need to put our advanced tips with which you will give 200 on all your shots.

Do not miss our explanation about how to give 200 in Fortnite and be the last survivor.

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How to Give 200 in Fortnite
How to Give 200 in Fortnite

What is the use of giving 200 in Fortnite?

If you want to stay alive and be one of the last survivors, you need a good aim and give 200 continuously. Although the map Fortnite at the beginning it is quite wide, the further the games progress, all the remaining participants they have to fight face to facebecause they have no other option.

When you get to that point, it's best to load up your equipped shotguns and have a almost perfect shot to survive. If you follow our advice, your rivals will have to prepare very well to fight against you.

Use the shotgun at different distances

The shotgun's range of fire has never been more outstanding, but at close range it's super lethal. Always carry your shotgun equipped when you are in closed places so that shoot quickly when you turn corners and have more advantages over your rivals.

At the same time, shotguns are also useful at medium range in order to reduce the life level of the opponent faster. So if you're in a high position, take a shot and then switch rifles to finish off your opponent when they've spotted you.

remove the buildings

A surefire strategy is to undo builds to get more out of your weapon. In this way, you can locate other rivals who are building, get on top of them and undo their creation, like the ground in this case. You can also enter from their room at the top and eliminate them with the shotgun from a short distance for greater effectiveness.

Create new buildings

This advice is just as important as the previous one and you should always do it at the right time. If you carry a weapon in the open field, you will be very exposed to your rivals, since they will move away to use a team with more power than yours.

When this happens, the solution is to build ramps and advance towards your opponents until the distance be prudent to shoot, This way you can safely get close, as the buildings will stop the shots fired at you.