How to play Among Us in real life

Imagine a game as popular as Among Us that people try to have all of him: toys, costumes, theme parties ... Anyway, the possibilities are endless. Now imagine it can still get a lot bigger than that, where people want to recreate the game in real life. Sounds pretty interesting right? Well, here you have everything you need to know to learn how to play Among Us in real life.

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This is an idea that started as a joke, where several actors and comedians create videos where they imagine what the missions would be like for the people in the house and what would be the way to detect the impostors, but nobody thought that this idea was so popular as for a group of people to plan how to make it happen.

How to play Among Us in real life
How to play Among Us in real life

Find the perfect space

It depends on how many people are going to play Among Us With you, you will need a large space where they can hide, complete missions and meet. A house of two floors It would be the perfect environment because this way the players would not always be in sight, having several rooms available will allow impostors to hide and give them enough time to escape after "eliminating" a crew member.

Create the missions

The more similar they are to the game, the better. For example, in the game there is a mission to connect cables, this you can recreate very easily using just paper and drawing the circles side and side so that the players can connect them. If the majority of the crew complies, it would be a mission won. 

Laboratory tests You can also recreate them by putting 4 or more glasses with different liquids and an element that makes only one of them react. That is, if you put coloring in the water, you will have 4 blue glasses of water for example, but if one of the glasses has another element that is not water, the reaction of this will change.

Choose imposters and crew

Before starting the game, write the words «crewman" is "impostor»And ask your friends to choose a piece of paper and not reveal their role. Thus, everyone will know which functions to complete without saying anything else.

Designate the emergency meeting room

With a specific room or room it will be enough for the players to meet and comment or vote for the crew member who should leave the game.

Let the fun begin

You have the missions, the roles, the meeting room, and the game just needs to start. If you are an impostor who is going to "eliminate" another player, the impostor should only ask the other to stay right in the same place but seated, so the others will know that he is no longer playing and that they will have to meet to find out who did it. .

Do you want to make it even more real? dress like the characters.

Ask your friends to choose a color and wear only that color. This will be an experience even closer to the original game of Among Us.