Games Similar to Candy Crush Saga Free

Candy Crush Saga is a fun and delicious online puzzle game, in which you will have to connect different colored candies to create chains and make them disappear, thus creating special candies with impressive effects. It can be played by the little ones in the house since it is very striking because of how colorful it is, but also by adults who will find themselves with more complicated challenges than just making a chain of candies.

There are a wide variety of games very similar to Candy Crush Saga, perhaps simpler and without the main theme that is candy, however, they are all free and it is the best of all, for that reason in this post we will tell you what jgames you can download that are similar to Candy Crush Saga and free.

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Games Similar to Candy Crush Saga Free
Games Similar to Candy Crush Saga Free

The 5 games similar to Candy Crush Saga Free

Empires and Puzzles: Epic Match 3

With a certain resemblance to Candy Crush Saga, because you must align gems with similar colors, but with a great variation that is the one of the confrontations with dragons. The higher the combo, the more damage you will do to the dragons and advance in level.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

The same mechanism as Candy Crush Saga only in the style of Marvel with its protagonists. This time what makes it different is that it is about the most famous superheroes, who come to life with this puzzle role.

Jewell mania

This game like Candy Crush Saga It has a wide variety of levels, this has more than 600 different levels, in addition to new ones arriving from time to time. The main objective is to collect jewels with which you will get points and solve puzzles, unlike Candy Crush in this you must join four elements to do the magic.

Home Landscapes

The objective of this furniture is to change furniture such as a sofa, or the bookshelves, to get stars. The stars are the coins to be able to execute some actions. And the way to achieve this is with mini puzzle-type games in which you have to combine pieces of the same color.


This game revolutionized the style of lining up colored objects to get points. It is a classic and surely you know it because it came before Candy Crush Saga. The mechanics are the same, only you have to find thematic scenarios and gems that range from the classic style to stars.